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Our developers do two things very well: building custom software solutions and helping development teams to improve their working methods. We do both for most of our customers. We build our software solutions with a strong focus on Agile engineering, continuous delivery and user experience. We are dedicated professionals who focus on constantly improving what we do. Our specialized teams can help you deliver results early and often while adapting to the changing demands of your company and customers.


Karma Digital Services uses an open and Agile approach to managing the data lifecycle. We apply our expertise to help you maximize the value of your information. Our team is multi-functional: we can design and create the data architecture and processes to move and integrate data, visualizations and analyzes to empower decision-makers and the control processes that help you manage your data for a long time. We implement cost-effective solutions and know what the latest tools and technologies are and how they do (or do not) apply to you.


Program management is the process of managing various related projects, often with the intention of improving the performance of an organization. In practice and in its objectives, it is often closely linked to systems engineering, industrial engineering, change management and business transformation.
We have managed projects and implemented PMOs for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and we know that adding value requires that we know all aspects of a project. But things are changing despite this preparation. They always change. That is why we opt for an Agile approach to project management and create an environment in which all parties communicate and work on the same goal.

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